50K Ventures

We team up with visionary entrepreneurs, founders
and high-potential businesses that bring technological edge as well as focus on sustainability and bring ethical awareness to the market.

What we do

We're an early-stage venture fund firm based in India.

We empower startups that address complex problems with ground-breaking technology to disrupt existing markets.

We acknowledge that the greatest potential for value creation, for both investors and entrepreneurs, is in the early stages of a startup. We also collaborate with entrepreneurs in order to establish and scale their venture with our meticulously constructed and structured process.




Jobs created


Pitch sessions



What we look for


Team, business model, market size, revenue model, monetisation and scalability



$250K - $500K; early-stage startups with high growth potential

How we invest

We invest in teams with principles that align with ours.

Innovation knows no bounds. At the forefront of this constant evolution, we strive to partner with visionaries, balancing our knowledge and experience with your expertise.

We typically invest $250K - $500K in a handful of leading early-stage start-ups (which are using technology to solve consumer needs or enterprise business problems). As an early-stage investor, we bring an eagerness to add value and nurturementor our visionary entrepreneurs on their growth journey.

Our portfolio

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Our belief

We believe founders need more than just capital to succeed. We provide meaningful innovation in an emerging economy. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of people, services and community around collaborating together to win.

Focus on People

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of progress, and we exist to help them realize their visions for a better world.

Innovation and Scale

Cultivate a healthy ecosystem and greatness will follow. Three pillars support the foundation for an ecosystem that breeds successful startups:(1) Money (2) People (3) Knowledge.



The blog here is a concise write up of the webinar, Art of Reporting by Vijay Gummadi, organised by 50K Ventures. Vijay has founded Carz, SmartAuto and Autorox with acquisition of Autorox by a Japanese automobile manufacturer. The webinar takes one through the importance of management reporting, KPIs required, what and who to report to. Find the recorded webinar here.