50K Ventures Launches 50K Accelerator, a Go-To-Market Accelerator

50K Ventures Launches 50K Accelerator, a Go-To-Market Accelerator

50K Ventures has spent numerous sleepless nights to launch 50K Accelerator, a go-to-market accelerator. And of course, needless to mention, burning the midnight oil and all the efforts that we put in have been worth the epic launch. Our 50K Accelerator was launched on 13th August by Raju Reddy, Angel investor and Founder of Sierra Atlantic, based in Silicon Valley. Amidst all the pomp and gaiety, 50K Accelerator’s launch has made us all very excited about the path and the future of the startups.

So, what is 50K Accelerator all about?
50K Ventures has always been about garnering the growth and the position of early stage startups. The 4-month long program of 50K Accelerator does more than just that. The program intends to create a brand visibility for the startups along with strategic partnerships and connections. The startups get to work with industry experts and learn from their expertise to build competitive companies and establish brilliant operations. The startups are positioned to grow extensively and secure further funding. And the best part? All of this in 4 months only.


Thrice a year, we open our doors to startups across various sectors and provide them with resources and opportunities to scale up rapidly. 50K Accelerator has been creating a buzz ever since its launch. Here’s what inc42 has to say.

Traditionally, accelerators have always worked with companies that are looking to build an MVP and then provide sales as an add-on. 50K Accelerator is one of its first because we focus on what a startup does after that. And it is all the more important because that defines the impact that the startups make,” says Vineel Nalla, CEO, Wavelabs and Founder, 50K Ventures.

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