About us

Who we are

50K VenturesĀ is a network of high net worth individuals, accredited investors, and accomplished mentors who are willing to contribute to the startup ecosystem at the national and global level.

What we do

Established in early 2014, the core philosophy of the network is to create value for all the stakeholders involved in building spectacular products and companies. The network consist of investors who are leading business leaders, technology visionaries and financial stalwarts belonging to diverse sectors. Assisted by an able core team, 50K Network has providing funding and mentoring support to startups across the country and has provided consulting and strategic support to several other upcoming businesses.

How we work

We constantly make efforts to pursue a targeted approach to enable our portfolio companies to achieve the highest level of excellence. We believe in partnerships and the value addition they provide and walk the talk by working along with other leading angel networks, early stage venture funds and accelerators. At 50K, we are well positioned to lead our startups through the cycle of prototyping, market validation, funding, mentoring and market access. The trust that we have gained is a testament to the value we add!