Bringing Back the Romance of Rail Journeys With Food – As Published in The Times of India

Bringing Back the Romance of Rail Journeys With Food – As Published in The Times of India

The most popular and used mode of transport in India are the trains. According to The Times of India, more than 22 million travelers use Indian Railways’ 1,15,000km network every day, crossing the country to get to work, to get home, to reach family, and to take holidays.

Indians take pleasure in traveling by train. Be it a child or an adult, the debate on who gets to sit by the window continues. Hundreds of families and groups of friends travel by train every day and one complaint that we commonly hear from all the groups is the lack of good food and the unavailability of variety. To resolve this issue and offer delicious meals on the wheels, Amit Deep Kumar has started KhanaGadi, a mobile app-based food delivery aggregator with its HQ in Jaipur. The service is currently available at 200 stations across India.

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Times of India, a leading Indian newspaper has published an article on July 17th which talks about how different startups are trying to improve the facilities of the train journey while making it a memorable trip for everyone involved. Amit Deep Kumar, Founder, KhanaGadi, says that one should be able to choose large varieties of food while traveling by train. He further adds, “We have designed the menu keeping in mind the requirements of the traveler — no leafy greens, restrained quantities, medium spiced food with quality packaging. We also ensure that the food appeals to all kinds of travellers by avoiding regional flavours like coconut or garlic.” In short, let there be more food and the joy of traveling knows no bounds.

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