Our Portfolio

Our journey began in 2014 with our partners deciding to create a network that would provide early stage startups with resources to disrupt the markets they operate in.  We are one of the most active angel networks in India and have provided funding and mentoring to 13 startups in a span of 18 months.


We believe in following a collaborative approach for the growth of entrepreneurship in our country. We have partnerships with reputed organisations to foster the ecosystem and also co-invest with other leading players. For we trust that true greatness can be achieved when people and groups stand together.

50K Value Proposition

We bring together reputed investors, experienced entrepreneurs and erudite mentors to nurture early stage startups and innovative technologies that will define India’s growth story.


We believe that the Indian startup eco-system is poised to raise a storm. The winds of change have already kicked in and it is only going to get 10x times bigger. We have a national presence to facilitate and play a key role in this revolution.