Startup Growth Masterclass

Startup Growth Masterclass

On the 27th of June 2015, it looked like all the roads in Coimbatore led to the Startup Growth Masterclass, which began with an indubitable amount of gusto and enthusiasm. Conducted by PayU Money, this event is slated to take place in various cities across the country soon. The motive of the event was to interact with various startups in Coimbatore and to orient them on growth hack, funding, key aspects of business plans. Sanjay Enishetty attended the event as one of the esteemed speakers representing 50K Ventures. His presentation about his experiences were widely appreciated, and not to forget, his presentation had the background of Avengers which triggered the interest among everyone.



The event enabled support in connecting startups with dynamic mentors, thoughtful investors and fellow startups. Startups ranging from the idea stage to growth stage attended the event to gain knowledge and network with the fellow entrepreneurs. The speakers and the organizers had an absolutely open mind about the event. Much surprisingly, the number of people who attended the event exceeded the number of registrations. Now isn’t that quite a success? Here’s the fun fact–the seating capacity of the venue was 50 but a whopping 80 attended the event. Yes, 30 of them had to stand due to lack of space.

The other speakers of the event were Dhruv from iCliniq, Sri Krishna from United Seed Fund, and of course, Paritosh Sharma from PayU Money who organized the event.

Like all good things that come to an end, this too ended with cups of hot brewed coffee.