The Garage Stories Explores Entrepreneurial Journey

The Garage Stories Explores Entrepreneurial Journey

Everyone loved the first session of The Garage Stories and asked for more. So, we were back with more! On the 17th of April, 50K Network hosted the second edition of The Garage Stories with Naidu Darapaneni, Founder, MeraEvents and Sharat Chandra, Founder, Butterfly EduFields as the speakers. We partnered with T-Hub, Entrepreneur Cafe, Startup Hyderabad, Raasta Films, and Inc42 for the event, and the partnerships truly garnered the success of the event.


Naidu talked in detail about the journey of Meraevents and how he struggled to grow the organization. His confession about the mistakes he committed during the process of building Meraevents kept the audience rather hooked. Sharat Chandra’s story about his journey from his IIT-IIM days to the time he plunged into entrepreneurship was an eye-opener. He discussed how overconfident he was when he began and how he molded his life after understanding the reality of the entrepreneurship surely struck a chord with the audience.


The event was attended by over 40 enthusiasts who had the opportunity to take home a great deal of learning and of course, information.

We’ll be back with more exciting stories. Keep watching this space!