The Garage Stories: From a Garage to a Million Dollar Company.

The Garage Stories: From a Garage to a Million Dollar Company.

On the 13th of March, Startups across the city have come together for a first of its kind event, ‘The Garage Stories’ where Sudhakar Pasupunuri, co-founder, and Vijay Gummadi, founder, Carz have addressed the Startups. 50K Network has been thoroughly excited about it. The event that began at 6:30 AM on a Sunday did not dampen our spirits, instead, it only made our Sunday better and more energetic.

So what was ‘The Garage Stories’ all about?

Big or small, we all begin somewhere. We all know that huge companies like Apple, Google, HP Computers, and many more jumpstarted their first offices in a garage. Similarly, Disney too had its first studio in a garage. Closer home, Flipkart, redBus, and Urban Ladder too started in small, cozy places like apartments, rooms etc. It obviously looks like these unimaginable, and often unthinkable places have been lucky for all these successful companies that are influencing our lives ever since their advent.

1012602_10153290230760426_6318270891203416375_nOur Garage Stories was centered around this concept only. There’s more to it, though. Whenever we talk about a successful company, we talk about its success and how it is flourishing, but not on its hardships and how they have overcome the challenges they face every day. We wanted to focus on it. We discussed how a Startup must tune itself to work through the difficult times to come out with flying colours. We’re glad that a lot of Startups and young entrepreneurs attending the event were able to relate to us.

From a Garage to a Million Dollar Company: How Does a Startup Grow?

Sudhakar Pasupunuri spoke about the challenges that redBus faced in the early days of its inception. There wasn’t much technology penetration and the fact that the bus operators were non-techies only added to their woes. But the redBus team were persistent and waited for the good results to come their way.


Vijay Gummadi discussed his everyday concerns with Carz, and how he deals them. Being a brick and mortar company, he faced a difficulty in convincing the investors to invest in Carz. And in due time, managing the internal team too became a daunting task, but he never gave up. He worked on solving the problems at the root level, which solved the problems at the higher level. He also focusses on building a design that was solely customer oriented.


The participants had a lot of takeaways, and 50K Ventures too received a great deal of validation and feedback. Over 40 young entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds have attended the event, and it was very successful. On the note, we are making ‘The Garage Stories’ a monthly event, and we’ll conduct this on the mornings on every third Sunday. We are hoping this concept would act as a breeding ground for a lot of ideas, discussions, new beginnings, and fresh learnings.

See you in our next session!

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