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50K Ventures has come a long way and this April, it has completed 3 years. The journey so far is marked by several milestones and stories that contribute momentously to India’s growth story. In 2014, we started with the sole purpose of providing resources to early-stage startups and help them be the game changers in their respective industries. With over 15 diverse startups in our portfolio, we’re glad that we are on the right path, although there are more miles to go. In these 3 years, we were successful inSEE DETAILS

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50K Ventures

To define angel investing — it is the act in which an affluent individual provides capital for a start-up, usually in exchange for an ownership equity or some other form of a convertible bond. However, what would drive an ‘affluent individual,’ who is presumably well-settled with his finances, to provide support and monetary help to the risky start-ups as a form of investments? Angel Investing, seemingly an uncertain idea, has more advantages for the people who practice it than meets the eye. For someone who has pretty much settled theirSEE DETAILS

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