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We were back with yet another amazing edition of The Garage Stories on the 17th of July. Ajay Kolla, founder, Wisdom Jobs and Prabhu Ram, Paynear Solutions were the speakers of the session who sprinkled our inspirational Sunday with tidbits of fun stories from their life experiences. 13699960_10153560676850426_7076190711335558425_n Who would have imagined a Google group of 40 would grow into an organization of 30 million job seekers? To help job seekers find job openings, Ajay Kolla started a Google group. He had a full-time job then, but the group itself grew to a stage where he had to pursue it by quitting his safe 9-5 job. Like all successful entrepreneurs, Ajay too endured and overcame a lot of challenges for living his dream. He discussed how nothing can stop a person from making an entry into the field of their choice even if there are existing players in the field. Now, Wisdom Jobs is the third biggest portal in India when it comes to job seeker enrollments. 13708420_10153560677965426_631172292855129559_o Prabhu Ram began his talk with the fact that he didn’t even graduate from school. Known to be curious since childhood, we could say that curiosity got the best out of Prabhu Ram. As a teenager, Prabhu explored different fields and in the process of trying many interesting things, the idea of EBS payments was born. When Prabhu talked about his immersive journey, he narrated it with so many funny events. We were in splits! He has always loved taking risks and it was his courage and strong belief that led him to create Paynear Solutions, India’s first omnichannel payment transaction portal. After the very interesting talks, the audience interacted with the speakers and got to learn a great deal more about their personal experiences. Yet another engaging edition of The Garage Stories might have come to an end, but we’ll bring your way more powerful stories the next month. The videos for the session would be out soon. To watch the videos, you can follow us here. Keep watching this space for the next session of The Garage Stories.

Events & Programs, The Garage Stories
The fourth edition of The Garage Stories took place on the 19th of June. What an absolute power-packed session! Abhay Deshpande, founder of MartJack did not just make our Sunday better, he also taught us plenty of things. With the vision to build a world-class eCommerce SaaS product from India for global markets, Abhay founded MartJack in 2007. There was no looking back after that. However, there is more to it, and something that most of us do not know. In 1998, Abhay founded, the first ever e-commerce venture in India. Abhay was always way ahead of time and at that point of time, India was not really ready for an e-commerce product. Amazingly enough, though, a lot of brilliant lessons were learned in this process. From building a product to witnessing it going downhill, Abhay has learned everything that an MBA degree couldn’t probably teach. 13417431_10153501431955426_8751551348084662806_n We were really excited to have him at The Garage Stories, particularly because his journey and school of thought are so inspirational for everyone to go build what they always dreamed of. Abhay discussed his journey and what went into; he talked at length about all the incidents that he has experienced till 2012. Always ahead of time and building products that were truly novel, MartJack was a game changer in India’s e-commerce arena. We had a very interesting Sunday, and we hope we bring your way more powerful stories that matter. The videos for the session would be out soon. To watch the video, you can follow us here. And do not forget to keep watching this space for the next session of The Garage Stories.