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How long does the process to raise funding from 50K take?

Once the presentation is done by the startup, we let them know if there is sufficient investment interest in a week, and whether we are going ahead with the investment process. The due diligence and other negotiations take around a month and it’s advisable for the startup to have all documents ready to make the process faster. If everything goes well and all parties are comfortable with the terms, we take the process to completion. 

What is the typical ticket size?

We invest anything between $50 and $250K in start-ups, and if the investment requirement is larger, we may syndicate with other investors and firms for a larger sum to invest. 

What type of startups are you likely to fund?

Though sector agnostic, we are looking for startups which are using technology or technology enabled business models to solve consumer needs or enterprise business problems. Startups which approach us would have some traction and would have started generating initial revenues.

What is the average stage of the company that presents to 50K?

Any startup that has started generating some revenue after the first round of investors and funding, and the founder bootstraps before any investment. 

What should my B-Plan contain?

Your B-plan should contain the problem you are is trying to solve, methodology, the advantage your product or service has, the market opportunity, competitive analysis, the amount you are looking to raise, utilization, team profile and a quick snapshot of what your numbers are going to look like.

Does 50K sign a NDA before reviewing details?

Considering the number of applications we receive, it is difficult to sign a NDA with every startup. However, in case of any conflict of interest, we make it a point to mention it upfront before we proceed further.