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Deals will mostly come based upon word of mouth, through member references, referred by our portfolio founders, or through the events we conduct or are a part of. If you cannot reach us through any of these means, please head over to the Apply to Us section on the website.

The Secretariat evaluates all the applications and then, if it believes that the idea could be an attractive investment opportunity for some of our Investors, it collects further information from the startup by meeting personally or through calls. It then further shortlists some of them, which is followed by a personal meeting with the shortlisted teams on audio/video call, based on which we select start-ups to deliver a pitch to the members. Please note that we will only invite the entrepreneur to one of these sessions if we believe the entrepreneur has a realistic chance of securing funding from our Members.
This presentation happens on the day of the pitch session. Sometimes, if we think that a startup is stimulating but the founder cannot be present in person, we have a virtual pitch session. Each company is generally allocated a 25-minute slot (10 min presentation and 15 min Q&A).
The Secretariat looks after the business aspect of the due diligence while legal help for documents is advised, and during this process, we comprehend if investors are interested in taking this to execution. Virtual calls may also be done in case of more investors joining in the process later. 
After successful completion of the due diligence process, we will present the entrepreneur with a Term Sheet that defines the structure of the investment deal, including the amount/type of equity, as well as rights relating to our representation on the board of directors, amongst other things.
The discussion continues till Shareholder Agreements are assured and all parties involved are satisfied with the Term Sheet, following which the deal can be executed.